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Six Safety Features To Look For When Choosing A Commercial Truck

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If you drive commercial trucks for a living, safety is a huge consideration, and when looking for a new or used truck from a commercial dealer, you should keep safety features in mind. The available features vary based on the manufacturer and the age of the truck, but here are some you should consider looking for: 1. Collision mitigation systems These systems are typically only available on newer trucks, but they can be retrofitted to some older trucks. For example, some trucks come fitted with an OnGuard radar. This system uses radars to sense when moving or stopped vehicles are too close, and it alerts the driver through a combination of noise alerts and by pumping the brakes to incite the driver to respond quickly. If you cannot find a truck with a crash mitigation system like this, you may be able to add one aftermarket. 2. Advanced safety features You also may want to look for trucks that have advanced safety features. For example, there are Volvos that are designed to have the driveshaft move down in the case of an impact. This prevents the driver from being impaled by the drive shaft, but it is just one example of the type of intuitive advanced technology you should look for. Other options include lane departure warnings and predictive cruise control. 3. Cameras If you are in an accident, it can be helpful to know exactly what happened, and to facilitate this, you may want a commercial truck with a camera installed to capture crashes. This can be a helpful way to prove your innocence if you are being wrongfully sued by another driver. Alternatively, if the crash was your fault, it can help to identify that fact so you don’t try to fight a losing battle in court. Instead, you can simply offer a settlement. The footage from the camera can help you to make decisions like this after a crash. It can also help you to figure out what went wrong so that you can be safer moving forward. 4. Ergonomic seats Safety features aren’t only about crumple-resistant metal and advanced technology. You should also think about basic things such as comfort. If the design of your chair is more ergonomical, that helps to reduce distracting aches and pains. Additionally, if possible, you should always get in the cab of a commercial truck before you buy it so you can check the visibility. This can vary from truck to truck, depending on your height and the truck’s design. However, Isuzu designers, in particular, have attempted to boost safety by increasing ergonomics and boosting visibility. 5. Hill-Start Assist If you drive a lot in hilly areas, you may want to look for a commercial truck with hill start aid. Driving up a hill can be hard, and in some cases, your truck may even inadvertently slip into reverse and roll back down the hill. Hill start assist, however, prevents this from happening. With this feature, you can easily start, stop, and restart on any part of an incline, and the feature makes the drive safer. 6. Predictive Maintenance Dashboards Finally, timely maintenance is essential if you want to avoid many types of accidents, but tracking maintenance can be challenging. So that you don’t ever overlook anything, consider looking...

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4 Van Features Ideal for Drive-Thru Dinner Families

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You may not typically plan on it, but with school, work, and afternoon activities, you and your family may often yourself eating on the go. This can save a lot of time, but it’s important to have a vehicle that can cater to this lifestyle. Without extra features, cars can become messes, food can spill, and your quick eating habits can cause a ton of delays. When shopping for a new family van, there four different features that cater directly to the fast food family. By purchasing a van with these features, it will make it a lot easier for families to enjoy meals while you’re going from stop to stop. Consult with a car dealer to find vans with one or more of the following features. Built-in Vacuums Many parents can relate to cleaning out a minivan and finding stray fries underneath the seats. Instead of letting fries and food crumbs pile-up in the vehicle, daily cleaning can be a breeze with a built-in vacuum system. Multiple types of minivans feature vacuum hoses built right into the side-paneling of the van. After you park, your children can easily suck up debris and keep the place clean after each meal. Conversation Mirror With a minivan full of family members, passing out food and dealing with arguments can be hassle. As you’re driving, you can remain safe and prevent yourself from turning around by purchasing a vehicle with a conversation mirror installed in it. A conversation mirror is a curved mirror that hangs towards the front of the minivan. It gives you a view of the whole car and is easy to see from your angle in the driver’s seat. Using this mirror, you can easily hand back food to the proper person and prevent it from falling off the floor. The mirror also allows you to monitor your children more carefully. You can instantly tell if your child is actually eating his chicken nugget or throwing them at his sister. It may be a small feature, but it can make a big difference on your driving. In-floor Storage It always seems like there are not enough napkins in the take-out bags that you receive. To help keep everything clean and tidy, you can purchase a mini-van with in-floor storage. These storage compartments can give back seat riders access to all type of fast food eating supplies. For example, you can store extra napkins, ketchup packets, or utensils in the compartment. By stocking it up, you will always have plenty of supplies when they are needed. The storage compartment can also be used for supplies like moist wipes. These wipes are great for cleaning faces or any food that has dropped on clothing. Center Folding Storage Tray As you take the whole family through the drive-thru, you may often be handling a lot of drinks and bags. Keep everything organized by purchasing a minivan with a center folding storage tray. Instead of keeping the center open, a storage tray can fill up the space and provide a lot of the options. The tray itself features raised edges so that bags can be easily placed there while driving. A storage tray may also contain extra cup holders for the drivers. These cup holders are often larger and can hold large drink cups...

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How Getting a Car Loan Can Be a Great Way to Rebuild Your Credit

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Getting a loan to buy a car is not extremely hard to do if you have bad credit; however, your interest rate might be higher than what you would like. The good news is that auto financing is available to people with all types of credit, but the better news is that getting a car loan can actually help you improve your credit score. If you have bad credit, need a car, and want to improve your credit score, here are several things you should know. How Can You Get a Car with Bad Credit? A person with excellent credit can get a car loan with a really low interest rate in most cases, while a person with bad credit may be able to get a loan but with a higher interest rate. Auto loan lenders base approvals and interest rates on risk, and lenders assume a higher level of risk when offering loans to people with bad credit. If your credit is bad, you may want to look for a car dealership that offers loans to everyone. Yes, you will pay more for the loan, but getting the loan could actually help you boost your credit score. How Will a Car Loan Help Your Credit? If you want to boost your credit score by getting a car loan, there is one important factor you must realize; you must make all your payments on time. Your credit score is made up of a variety of different things, but 35% of it is based on payment history. When you get the loan and make your payments on time, you will slowly be building a positive payment history. After just a few months, this could make your score increase. Any type of installment loan (when paid on time each month) can help you build a good payment history because you will get a positive post to your credit report every month. What Else Can You Do to Improve Your Credit? While paying a higher interest rate on a car loan may seem like a bad idea, it doesn’t have to b if you handle this properly. If you can make all your payments on time and work on other ways to rebuild your credit, you might be able to refinance the loan in a year or two. Once your credit score is high enough, you could qualify for auto refinancing that is at much lower rate than the rate you are currently paying. Getting an auto loan and paying it on time each month is a great way to begin rebuilding your credit, but there are other ways, too. Here are some tips that could help you drastically improve your credit score in only one year: Dispute all inaccuracies. Getting a copy of your credit report is vital if you want to improve your score, and you should request a copy from all three major credit bureaus. Once you have the reports, scan them over carefully to look for any inaccuracies. If anything on your report is not correct and is harming your score, dispute it. The credit bureaus are legally required to investigate all disputes they receive, and they must correct them if they are wrong. Pay everything else on time. If you have any other debts, such as credit card...

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5 Car Features That Make Driving At Night Safer

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As the winter months draw in, an increasing number of American drivers must face the prospect of driving home in the dark. Unfortunately, research shows that you’re three times more likely to die when driving in the dark, so it pays to choose a car that comes with the latest night driving safety features. If you spend a lot of time driving in the dark, look for the five following optional safety features in your next car. Active cruise control Cruise control takes a lot of the effort out of driving. With cruise control, the car’s on-board computer regulates your engine and braking system to keep your vehicle a safe distance away from the car in front. More advanced active cruise control systems on some cars now also make night driving even safer. The latest active cruise control systems have lots of features that can help you avoid a collision at night. For example, some systems will warn you with a beep about a car that is approaching from another lane. Similarly, some active cruise control systems can also bring your vehicle quickly and safely to a stop if your car detects a non-moving vehicle in front of you. HID lighting High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting uses different gasses and metal salts within a specially designed glass tube bulb to create an efficient and more effective glow. These lights emit a striking blue-white light that places less strain on your eyes. As such, if you have to drive long distances at night, HID lighting can cut the risk of driver fatigue, which can easily cause a fatal accident. Multi-zone climate control It’s often difficult (if not impossible) to find a comfortable temperature that suits everybody in your car. During a long overnight journey, you may want the kids to stay asleep in the back of the car, but the driver needs to stay alert. If you rack up the heater to keep the kids warm, you may also send the driver to sleep, with disastrous consequences. Multi-zone climate control can help you get around this problem. Many models on the market offer dual-zone climate controls that allow you to separately adjust the front and rear of the cabin. Tri-zone systems give you even more flexibility and will allow the driver, front passenger and rear passengers to choose their own temperature settings. Lane departure warning systems It’s easy to lose concentration when driving at night, but if your car strays out of the right lane for a split-second you could cause a fatal collision. Lane departure warning systems use a simple camera to check that your car hasn’t moved outside the road markings when your turn signal isn’t on. If the camera senses a problem, the system alerts the driver using a sound, a warning light on the dash or a vibration through the driver’s seat. More advanced systems will even lightly apply the brake to one wheel to help quickly get the car back in the right lane. Night vision Several luxury car brands include night vision systems as standard, but some less expensive makes now also offer this technology as an optional extra. Night vision systems use infrared imaging to project an image of the road ahead on a special screen on the car’s dash or a head-up display. Newer night vision systems...

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